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Termite Monitoring and Baiting
Our Company can install termite monitors around your structure and check them on a regular basis for termite activity. If termites are found, the monitors are exchanged for treated material that the termites consume and carry back to the "nest." A termite monitoring system with us means never having to worry about paying thousands of dollars for a termite treatment. Part of our service plan is assurance that in the event a termite infestation, treatment will be applied to the area of infestation at no additional.
Residual Termite Application
If you are suspicious of termite activity in your structure or you want to prevent termites from invading, you may want to consider our Residual Termite Application. We can use baits, liquids, or a combination to protect one your largest investment. All of our termite applications, including termite Pre-treats, actually kill termites, as opposed to just making a repellant barrier.
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